Andrew LA Releases A New Track “Medina Campeao”

Singer-Songwriter Andrew LA was born in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and now currently lives in Nashville, TN, where the music scene is alive and real. Andrew recorded his track Medina Campeao in 2017. The track is a tribute to a young professional surfer from…

Andrew LA says: “Brazilian Never Give up!”

Current living in Nashville, Tennessee. People breathes music here, I feel very welcome. I am amateur songwriter, play acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonica and current learning piano (why not?). I moved to U.S decade ago. Also, lived in the Philippines, where I had chance to learn a lot bout recording awhile writing new songs.

One on one exclusive with Andrew LA

He is tall, handsome, eloquent, gentle, vigorous, and most especially entertaining.   When you listen to Andre a.k.a Andrew LA, you will be mesmerized and entertained.  He was born in Brazil but is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.


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